Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A brief respite

     Medical school is hard. I'm constantly amazed at the sheer volume of information being taught in each class. It's made more difficult by professors with thick Israeli accents, trying to juggle ten subjects at once, and also learning a new language. Reading my previous posts, I think I've given an unfair picture of what my life really looks like. I'm not constantly off on a new adventure, seeing the sights and having fun. I wish this were true. Too often, I'm sitting at home, alone, reading a textbook. Or having study sessions with classmates.

a recent immunology study session

     Despite how difficult things can be, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Even when the sirens go off at 5:30am, telling me I have sixty seconds to get to the miklat (shelter) before the rockets hit (don't worry Mom and Dad, they usually hit open areas). All of my classes are interesting, my classmates are amazing, and I'm learning to love the dusty desert town I call home.
     Even so, it's always nice to escape real life for awhile. This past weekend, the Christian student group arranged a retreat in Tiberias. We studied the words of Jesus on the shores of the sea of Galilee, climbed down a mountain, and visited some hot springs. It was a welcome relief from the stress of school and a great way to get to know some new people.
some fellow MSIHers

      We really wanted to do some hiking, and decided not to let a thunderstorm deter us. (look how determined we are) Most of us were just excited to see some rain, we don't see much of it in Beer sheva. We went to Mt. Arbel, one of the mountains that overlook the Sea of Galilee. You park at the top, then hike down along the cliff. In some places, it's more of a climb than a hike...

careful! use the hand holds!

      The rocks proved much trickier than we expected, considering the storm left everything covered in a thick layer of mud. But med students are a stubborn group, and we prevailed. We saw a castle built into the cliffside...

notice the castle owner on the left, looking suspicious

And also some pretty spectacular views...

while getting covered in mud from head to toe...

After such a grueling, but incredible day, we decided we needed something relaxing the next day. So we headed to a nearby hot springs that was turned into a spa.

nothing like some hot water to wash the stress away

     So, yes, medical school is difficult. Most days are spent going to class, reading, studying, and deciphering Hebrew. There is a never-ending list of things to understand, memorize, and take to heart. But it's the rare times away from all that when I realize how lucky I am to be living the life I lead. 


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  1. love love love the photos! That renal failure in the context of immunology was fascinating, i'm dying to know more about that correlation. The IGs and drawings brought me back. God I loved learning that stuff. Hope you do too, despite the stress its bringing you and ironically the tax to your immune system I'm sure. Hang in there Becky, a cozy MN break awaits you in just one month!! Thanks for posting! :)